Lenton connectors
Innovative LENTON bar connectors
Robustness and efficiency combined

In our facility, we produce revolutionary LENTON bar connectors that are changing the way we think about structures. They combine robustness and performance, enabling the effective creation of durable and secure bar connections instead of using standard overlaps.

LENTON connectors

For many years, the traditional method of making connections between reinforcement bars was connecting them by overlapping. Compared to mechanical connecting, however, connecting reinforcement bars through overlapping has very few advantages and quite a lot of disadvantages, as many structural engineers, architects and specification specialists have discovered.

<[p>Mechanical connectors are a connection system intended for bars with tapered threaded ends. They ensure the reliability of the connection and the continuity and structural integrity of the reinforced concrete elements. The bars connected using the LENTON system behave in the same way as continuous sections of steel reinforcements, retaining their full tensile and compression strength and being suitable for applications that change the distribution of stress.

Advantages of using the LENTON connection system
Advantages of using the LENTON connection system

Safety: Thanks to precise details and reliable design, LENTON connectors provide a high level of security for your structures. You can rest assured that your structures will be robust and reliable.

Effectiveness: The fitting of LENTON connectors is quick and problem-free. It eliminates the need for complex connection processes, resulting in significant savings of time and labour.

Versatility: Our LENTON connectors are designed to fit a wide variety of bar sizes and types. This means that you can use them in a wide variety of projects without having to adapt the design.

Durability: We are committed to quality, which is why our LENTON connectors are made of high-quality materials that ensure long-term durability and resistance to environmental conditions.

Standard connectors – A12N
Standard in Europe, Asia and Australia**
Diameter of the reinforcing bar (mm) Part no. “A” (mm) “B” (mm) “D” (mm) Weight (kg)
10 EL10A12N 17* 49 18 0.07
12 EL12A12N 17* 50 19 0.06
14 EL14A12N 22* 56 21 0.13
16 EL16A12N 22* 61 24 0.13
18 EL18A12N 27* 72 29 0.25
20 EL20A12N 27* 87 35 0.27
22 EL22A12N 30* 91 37 0.35
25 EL25A12N 35 97 40 0.44
28 EL28A12N 40 101 42 0.61
30 EL30A12N 40 121 52 0.69
32 EL32A12N 45 108 45 0.79
34 EL34A12N 45 128 55 0.89
36 EL36A12N 50 121 52 1.08
38 EL38A12N 55 124 53 1.41
40 EL40A12N 55 131 57 1.40
43 EL43TA12N 60 158 66 2.07
50 EL50TA12N 70 166 70 2.91
57 EL57TA12N 80 192 83 4.45

* Use hexagonal fittings (measured on planes); use circular fittings in other applications.
** Availability in selected regions of the USA

Wrenches for Lenton connectors

Although all LENTON mechanical connectors can be easily tightened with an ordinary pipe wrench, using four or four and a half revolutions, nVent also supplies adjustable torque wrenches.

The wrench can be used both for fitting the connectors and for checking the tightening torque after fitting.

The torque wrench we recommend shows the tightening torque value, allowing you to achieve the optimal connection. It is intended for use with all types and versions of nVent LENTON product connectors featuring tapered threads<./p>

The wrench is suitable for the following product lines: Form Saver, Terminator, positioning connectors and semi-couplings.

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