About us
Polish manufacturer of steel products

tom2 is the market leader in north-western Poland, specialising in the production of structural reinforcements and the sale of rebars, coils and welded meshes. The recipients of the reinforcements are companies from the Polish construction industry, but also from Germany and Scandinavia.

The best supplier of steel
for your projects

tom2 is a stable and proven manufacturer of structural reinforcements and supplier of metallurgical products. At our headquarters in Szczecin, we have modern machinery stock to ensure the production of high-quality components of any shape.

The monthly production capacity of our reinforcement manufacturing plant is 6,000 tonnes. During periods of increased sales, our warehouses hold around 12,000 tonnes of steel. We achieve sales volumes in excess of 105,000 tonnes of steel per year.

Steel production
under complete control!

The production process is carried out using modern machinery and software, which ensures the efficient execution of orders placed. An additional advantage we possess is our experienced engineering and technical staff, who guarantee a comprehensive and reliable service.

Our stable financial position, strong performance potential and experienced staff allow us to bid for the largest contracts.

We are trusted by companies from all over the country. They include many of the market’s major construction, commercial and manufacturing companies.

tom2 is one of the fast-growing companies in the Polish steel sector.

Prefabricated building reinforcements
Prefabricated building reinforcements
Commercial steel
Lenton connectors
Steel bars and wire rod
Steel bars
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