Steel and reinforcements
for wind farms

A wind farm is a modern energy solution that is increasingly replacing traditional energy sources. It consists of a number of elements that are essential for smooth and safe operation. One of the key elements of a wind farm is the foundation, which is reinforced with ribbed steel and concrete.

The use of steel and reinforcements in wind farms is crucial, as these structures need to be able to withstand adverse weather conditions such as strong winds or storms. With the right materials from proven manufacturers, the wind farm structure is able to withstand such extreme conditions.

Our company offers extensive options for producing high-quality and high-precision reinforcement options that are ideal for wind farm foundation applications. Thanks to our experience and dedication, we are able to provide our customers with the best solutions for their wind farm projects.

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We supply steel
for the best projects.

Our reinforcement manufacturing plant is one of the most experienced prefabrication plants producing prefabricated steel for reinforcing foundations for wind farms.

We supply wind farms in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic
and Scandinavia.

We have made deliveries for more than 700 foundations.

We present a selection of recently implemented investments for which the tom2 reinforcement manufacturing plant has supplied steel.

  • WindPark Wysoka (PL)
  • WindPark Potęgowo (PL)
  • WindPark Klaster (PL)
  • WindPark Banie (PL)
  • WindPark Jasna (PL)
  • WindPark Bordelum (DE)
  • Windpark Reussenkoege (DE)
  • Windpark Kandelin (DE)
  • Windpark Neuenkirchen (DE)
  • Windpark Wiemerstedt (DE)
  • Windpark Sundsvall (SV)
  • Windpark SkuttHorndal (SV)
  • Windpark Bräcke (SV)
  • Windpark Kjolberget (SV)
  • Windpark Vindkraftspark Malarberget (SV)
  • Windpark Blabergsliden (SV)
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