Steel and reinforcements
for infrastructure

We supply the highest quality products that meet industry requirements and are available at competitive prices.

Our offer is addressed to construction companies, road managers, engineers and other entities for whom the quality and reliability of building materials are crucial. We supply both commercial steel and processed steel in the form of structural reinforcements, which is characterised by high strength.

Thanks to our experienced staff and modern machinery stock, we are able to handle the most demanding construction projects. We also provide expert technical and logistical advice regarding the selection of suitable products and timely delivery at the location designated by the customer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our product range and the processing of individual orders. We are confident that our products and professional service will meet your expectations and contribute to the successful and trouble-free completion of any construction project.

We supply steel
for the best projects.

A state-of-the-art production facility offering comprehensive reinforcement prefabrication services for investments in the field of infrastructure construction.

Our steel is used in the construction of bridges, flyovers, tunnels and other elements of infrastructure.

We present a selection of recently implemented investments for which the tom2 reinforcement manufacturing plant has supplied steel.

  • Tricity Metropolitan Bypass (PL)
  • Road S3
    Kołobrzeg – Kiełpino (PL)
  • Kashubian Canal (PL)
  • Road S11
    Koszalin – Szczecinek (PL)
  • Road S3 Dargobądz – Troszyn (PL)
  • Road S6
    Goleniów – Nowogard (PL)
  • Road S6 Koszalin – Sianów (PL)
  • Road S3 Skwierzyna – Międzyrzecz (PL)
  • OderBrücke, Kustrin (DE)
  • ARGE A10/A24 AD Pankow (DE)
  • Bridge renewal near Wittstock (DE)
  • Tunnel Ekero + Skaholmen (SV)
  • Parking lot (P-Hus) in Stockholm (SV)
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