Reinforcement steel
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At tom2, we have been producing structural reinforcements for customers at home and abroad for more than 15 years.

We work with the largest steel mills in Poland and Europe. We consider safety a priority, which is why we buy steel only from European suppliers.

We are continually investing in the development of our technological assets, which has made us one of the country’s largest prefabrication plants.

Quality is paramount for us
– We are proud to say that steel is in our blood.

reinforcement steel.

Reinforcement steel – ribbed bars, coil steel, welded meshes and ready-made structural reinforcements – discover our diverse product portfolio.

Commercial steel
Commercial steel
Our regular product range includes ribbed bars, ribbed steel coils and welded mats approved for the Polish, German and Scandinavian markets.
Prefabricated building reinforcements
The monthly production capacity of our reinforcement manufacturing plant is more than 6,000 tonnes. We have modern machinery stock to ensure high-quality production of elements of any shape. The manufacturing process is carried out using specialised software, which ensures an efficient logistics service. An additional advantage we possess is our specialised engineering and technical staff, who guarantee a complete and reliable service.
Prefabricated building reinforcements
Welded meshes
Welded meshes
From the foundations to the ceilings, they save time and money. They eliminate labour-intensive manual placement of reinforcements, speeding up the construction process and improving project economics.
Lenton connectors
The standard nVent LENTON connectors are designed for connecting bars of the same diameter, where at least one bar can rotate freely and is not restricted in its axial direction. The connectors are machined to have tapered threads at both ends, forming a mechanical butt joint between two sections of reinforcement steel.
Lenton connectors
Our steel builds
Find out how our products reinforce foundations in construction industry.
Residential structures

The tom2 reinforcement manufacturing plant carries out comprehensive rebar supply for development, hotel and single-family home projects.

Sports facilities

We supply prefabricated steel for sports facilities in Poland and abroad. We supply ready-made, high-quality reinforcement for football stadiums, speedway stadiums, swimming pools and sports and leisure halls.

Wind farms

Our reinforcement manufacturing plant is an experienced prefabrication facility, producing prefabricated steel for the reinforcement of wind farm foundations. We supply wind farms in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Scandinavia.


A state-of-the-art production facility offering comprehensive reinforcement prefabrication services for investments in the field of infrastructure construction. Our steel is used in the construction of bridges, flyovers, tunnels and other elements of infrastructure.

Industrial facilities

Comprehensive services for industrial building projects within the scope of supply of reinforcement steel.


The steel used in our production facility has all the required certificates
(e.g. ISO:9001) and approvals from the Road and Bridge Research Institute (IBDiM) and Building Research Institute (ITB).
Each batch of material leavingour plant is provided with necessary dispatch documents and metallurgical approvals.

tom2 has received an EPD Certificate (Environmental Product Declaration) confirming our commitment for low-emmision steel products manufacturing.

Steel products we supply will be fully compatible with your project.

Your steel, our plant

We have modern machinery stock at our disposal. In 2022, we completed the expansion of the production hall, where we currently process up to 6,000 tonnes of steel and steel products per month.
The whole facility is powered by a state-of-the-art 250kW photovoltaic system!

That system provides us with independence and allows us to care for the environment.

We optimise the production of individual steel products at every stage so that production waste is as low as possible.

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